Or “aboot” if you’re from Canada

We’re multilingual here.

Me sitting rock

See, beards DO come in man size!

Behold, Jed the benevolent tyrant and chief dictator of The Permaculture Life (TPL).

I have taken a permaculture design course and received my Permaculture Design Certificate(PDC) from Geoff Lawton.

After many long years of studying permaculture and sustainability, I decided to finally take a PDC course.

I didn’t think I’d learn very much, but I was wrong!

I learned a ton, and the design exercise at the end was challenging but very rewarding.

Location, location, location

I’m based in Western Colorado, near the Grand Valley.

It’s a challenging desert climate, officially pinyon-juniper woodland. We get little rain (9-10 inches or so), have highly alkaline poor sandy soil, hot summers, cold snowy winters, and high winds. It can be interesting!

But with the help of my family (the Crew of TPL), we talk about all things permaculture and homesteading.

But no woo-woo, which mean no metaphysics, no drum circles or purple breathers.

What do you do again?

We especially like to talk ’bout how to make your life better by leveraging permaculture.

How? Leverage natural systems for better human habitats and livelihoods.

Growing food, healthy living, better gardening & homesteading.

Not to mention better food & healthy families and sustainable and meaningful livelihoods.

A made-up statistic: 70% of people are not happy with their jobs. Or at least a lot. Probably.

Don’t you think everyone would be happier if they they liked what they did with their waking hours?

I know I would!

Anyway, that’s the gist of what we do here.

I am also available for permaculture consultation and full design work.

If you want to contact me for general questions or permaculture design work you can email info at thepermaculture dot life or go to the Contact Us page.


Thanks for stopping by!